Neb Teharka Qiniche Cauac (AKA Harold Causby) is the Founder of Synchronistic Hueman Emergence (SHE) and Co-Founder of Melanated Immortals Making Evolutionary Changes (MIMEC) as a teacher/professor of high science in advanced concepts of spirituality to help shift the global consciousness for humanity to move into the next stage of evolution.  He is the co-author of the concept for Immortal Economics where he consults, plans, and supports those who desire to implement sustainable strategies that enhance profitability for entrepreneurial businesses through his 1 on 1 Synchronicity Coaching Program where he has recorded over 700 sessions with over 1250 hours of individual training over the past 4 years.

Professor Teharka has taught about Olmec, Dogon, and Galactic Mayan Cosmology over the last 6 years.  Of Which, 2 years at the Jewel University of Immortal Sciences, 5 years with Melanated Immortals Making Evolutionary Changes (MIMEC) School of Evolution, and currently instructing at the Synchronistic Hueman Emergence School Enlightenment.  His unique ability to make extremely complex concepts simple and practical is what differentiates him from many other scholars.  As a result, many clients and students have made tremendous strides forward to monetize their gifts, enhance their knowledge of spirituality, and actualize their galactic purpose while overcoming societal systematic programming of the sub-conscious mind.

The evolutionary tools that he has been able to integrate includes but is not limited to The 13 Moon Calendar (3rd Dimensional Concepts) which illustrates the major perceptual & conceptual differences between Natural Time Cycles (13:28) vs. Artificial Calendrics (12:60), the Law of Time (4th Dimensional Concepts) which demonstrates the power of synchronicity which governs nature, and The Holomind Perceiver (5th Dimensional Concepts) which equips one on how to access the Telepathic Field Paradigms of Consciousness that shifts humanity from the Information Age of thinking into the Telepathic Age of our cosmic existence.

Neb Teharka is passionate about the importance of community and family which consists of his 2 sons named Jeremiah (Age 30) and Sage (Age 5) and 3 grand-children named Ava (Age 9), Alexander (Age 7), and Alaia (Age 3). In his leisure time, he enjoys harmonizing in nature, researching, reading, writing, meditating, yogic practices, exercising, working with children, and participating in community affairs.