Holomind Perceiver

Helps us to engage in the daily practices that will assist us with effectively identifying, developing, and accessing the energies of the 7 mental spheres in order to experience our realities through radial perception.  As a result, we will be able to harmonize with the synchronicities from the law of time, space, and ultimately continue the development of the fourth dimensional telepathic communication medium; The Noosphere.

The Holomind Perceiver is a hyper sense organ located in the corpus callosum that facilitates the integration of time, space, and mind as the principle of radicalized synchronization that activates the totality of our perceptual being.

Correct application of this system of synchronization may help to involve humanity into the Galactic Community. Persons who have realized their past and future will be able to become interstellar mediators: to direct and receive galactic information from multiple frequency streams emanating the universal electromagnetic ocean.