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July 25th holds a special significance known as “The Day Out of Time.” It marks the culmination of the 13 Moon Calendar year derived from Mayan time science, which consists of 13 moons of 28 days each, totaling 364 days. This day serves as the 365th day, the final day of the galactic year in the Mayan calendar.

Symbolically, The Day Out of Time represents a moment of transition, protection, and reflection. It provides an opportunity to release what no longer serves us and prepare for the new cycle ahead.

Gratitude plays a vital role on this day, especially for the challenges that have catapulted us forward on our journey.

Considered a day free of conventional time constraints, The Day Out of Time is believed to be inspired with spiritual energy and an opening of energy portals, facilitating a deeper connection with the spiritual realm.

July is seen as a month of significant temporal intersections. On July 25th, we enter the “day out of time portal,” a space where everything and nothing coexist. Just as it realigns the 13 Moon calendar and solar year, it’s also an opportune moment for personal energetic realignment.

This day is celebrated worldwide by individuals from various cultures who recognize the importance of honoring natural rhythms of time. While specific activities and events may vary by locality, the most important theme is universal: a day of reverence for all life, an appreciation for the beauty of eternal time, and a platform for cultural exchange and education centered around natural time concepts.

Use The Day Out of Time as an opportunity to center yourself in the present moment, to reflect on your true desires, goals, and dreams, and to absorb the powerful energy that envelops the universe on this favorable date. Embrace unity and cultivate awareness of the profound importance of eternal time in our lives.