Program Description:

The growing inherent concern for huemanity stems from the continual evolution of Artificial Intelligence and its programmatic influences on the hueman race. This systemic virus is blocking various channels for huemanity to acquire the cosmic knowledge that enables us to operate with full brain capacity, to include the expanded awareness of becoming one with the cosmos. Therefore, the hueman race is operating as a fractal of the artificial matrix while being trapped in the subconscious mind, where our life’s journey is only perceived as a sensory (emotional) experience. Ultimately, we have allowed our own judgment of ourselves to become the catalyzing force for one to continuously revolve around knowledge and illusionary experiences as feedback loops that become circumstantial pillars that govern our earthly destinies.

1 on 1 Synchronicity Coaching is designed for students of the Law of Time (LOT), Holomind Perceiver (HMP), and Cosmic Science to inspire an accelerated path of remembrance of their 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional experiences as one unified whole reality far beyond the sensory intelligence. Therefore, clients will receive the appropriate support and spiritual tools to assist them with developing an approach to daily living that is congruent with the natural time cycles of the cosmos in order to become more aligned with all the vibrational frequencies that empower us in all dimensions. As a result, we will be able to upgrade our mind to fully integrate the balance of time, space, mind, and number (sacred geometry) by evolving through the Vigesimal (Natural Time Number System) Paradigm of the unified cosmic field of consciousness.  Some of the direct benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Healing for previous cycles of trauma and success

  2. Mastering the Creation Format

  3. Access the multi-dimensional powers of the “Cube” to transcend your earthly destiny

  4. Tap into Noospheric Consciousness

  5. Various Meditation Practices

  6. Personal Evolutionary Growth Format (EGF)

  7. Customized Synchronicity Sessions

  8. And so much more…

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